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Integrated production of Japanese quality


Japanese denim material are continuing technology from more than a century. Sliver process, Ring spinning, Rope dyeing, Weaving, until Finishing inspection. Promises you the best quality assurance by all integrated production. Sure we believe our Denim Materials will meet your requirement.


Process movie

You can have a look Sliver process, Ring spinning, Rope dyeing, manufacturing process up to Weaving in the Movie. And, vintage denim loom of made in Japan also...


Tight-fitting & Stylish "Skinny Denim"


"Skinny Denim" is the ultimate denim materials that pursued beautiful legs stretch and was developed as intend to showing as longer and thinner legs and easy to coordinate for any fashion styles.


For vintage denims


Loom for vintage denim is "TypeG9" of Toyoda-Automatic-Loom are running on active duty. This allows stable production of selvage denim. We can make that if you need original color of selvage.


Jacquard denim from Japanese Kimono "KASURI" design.


Starting from
"Kasuri" of Kimono

Roots from the Japanese Kimono. Through the time of a century,

the technology has been handed down.

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